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US backs $100bn climate fund

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has announced support for a $100bn climate fund.

COP15 and the Fossil of the Day - 16th December

Today has been a rollercoaster of activity at the UN talks in Copenhagen, but unfortunately still a depressing lack of progress.

In the morning 100s of activists tried to get in to the Bella Centre, where the talks are being held. They attempted to bridge a moat next to the centre with giant inflatable lilos. The police responded fiercely wielding batons and with the liberal use of pepper spray. Several people were subsequently treated for head wounds and for the effects of tear gas, and a further 250 arrests were made.

An open letter to Barack Obama on the eve of his arrivial at the Climate Summit

Dear Mr. President,

Now is the time to give hope more than a voice. As you depart for the
UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, I feel compelled to express my hope
and desire for the role you will play when you join the other heads of
state in reaching an agreement to avert catastrophic climate change:
the role you must play in keeping hope alive for many millions of
people around the world.


Friends of the Earth representatives have been barred from the UN climate talks in Copenhagen

COP15 and the Fossil of the Day - 15th December

It seemed to be a quieter day at COP15 today, with one of the few highlights being a speech from Al Gore where he seemed to address yesterday's G77-China walkout:

We need transparency for developed, developing, and emerging countries.

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