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SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 9

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Richard Dixon
DAY Nine - by Dr Richard Dixon.
Tuesday 15th December 2009

There was double chaos at the Bella Center yesterday. At the negotiations the African grouping decided that the industrialised countries were not serious about a new phase of the Kyoto Protocol, the only legal instrument that can set targets for those countries. They refused to take part in other formal talks until this was resolved and so many hours of toing and froing by the UN secretariat ensued until everyone’s nerves were calmed and things got going again.

Blog from Copenhagen: Part 3

Stop Climate Chaos @ Cop15

Sam Clarke
DAY THREE by Sam Clarke
Monday 14th December 2009

Sunday was spent exploring the remains of Viking longboats in Rosskilde, fascinating but hard to connect to Climate Change. The evening though was taken up - 4 hours of it - with attending a strategy meeting for a major NGO. So watching how a major NGO organises, playing my small part and attending the presentation for a new NGO take up this blog.

COP15 and the Fossil of the Day - 14th December

The focus of today's negotiations at the UN COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen has been split between the G77-China countries, Canada and the USA.

Around lunchtime representatives of the G77-China countries (the poorer or 'developing' nations, but also including major economies China & India), walked out on the talks accusing organisers of trying to reach a deal behind closed doors. G77-China chief negotiator Lumumba Di-Aping explained why the bloc had taken the decision to withdraw its co-operation:

"It has become clear that the Danish presidency - in the most undemocratic fashion - is advancing the interests of the developed countries at the expense of the balance of obligations between developed and developing countries," he told BBC Radio 4's The World at One programme.

Blog from Copenhagen: Part 2

Stop Climate Chaos @ Cop15

Sam Clarke
DAY TWO by Sam Clarke
Sunday 13th December 2009

Despite my clear need to find out a lot more about what's going on, today had to be the day of demonstrating. An early breakfast and a trip down to near the Klima centre saw a large gathering of the Climate Justice group. Yes, there are many blocs within the NGOs here, a somewhat depressing return to tribal roots. In this group Friends of the Earth figures prominently. They had agreed that after The Wave in the UK, this would be the flood. There were certainly plenty of people in uniform blue: two shades!

Blog from Copenhagen: Part 1

Stop Climate Chaos @ Cop15

Sam Clarke
DAY ONE by Sam Clarke
Saturday 12th December 2009

The sun was shining weakly as I emerged from my compartment on the train from Koln. It had been a wet and windy evening, but even the dismal weather could not shade the drama of Cologne cathedral just next to the station. The after dinner surprise was to find that I was to share my compartment with 4 women and one unknown who was to take the sixth bed at 1am.

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