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SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 4

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Sam Gardner
DAY FOUR by Dr Sam Gardner.
Thursday 10th December 2009

It’s perhaps a sign of man's ability to adapt to new environments that having only been in the COP15 world for less than 24 hours I’m now striding about as if I’ve been hear for days. Rushing from one plenary meeting to a side event and onto a press conference, only pausing to top up my bottle of water (it’s thirsty work) or grab an apple from the guy selling them from his bike.

SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 3

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Sam Gardner
DAY THREE - by Dr Sam Gardner.
Wednesday 9th December 2009

My first encounter with Copenhagen public transport was slightly surreal. It turned out my driver was a big fan of Take That and my first trip to the other world that is the conference centre was accompanied by him and Gary Barlow blaring out of the radio. Not really the soundtrack I would have chosen to play over my introduction to the beast that is COP15 .

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland goes to Copenhagen

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has sent a delegation to Copenhagen to promote the Scottish Climate Change Act as an example of ambitious climate change legislation that should be followed by other rich countries.

Dr Sam Gardner, Co-chair of our Policy and Advocacy Group will represent us during the first week of the talks (7th - 12th Dec), followed by SCCS Board member, Dr Richard Dixon, during the second week (12th - 19th Dec).

In their daily blog they will keep us up-to-date with what's happening at the negotiations.

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SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 2

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Sam Gardner
DAY TWO - by Dr Sam Gardner.
Tuesday 8th December 2009

OK, I’m getting closer. Honest.

And by the time you read this I should have completed stage six of my seven part journey and be stepping off a sleeper train in the centre of Copenhagen - right in the heart of the action.

SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 1

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15

Dr Sam Gardner
DAY ONE by Dr Sam Gardner.
Monday 7th December 2009

Right now, assuming part two of my seven-part journey has gone to plan, I should have eaten a hearty breakfast and now be preparing to disembark from a ferry. If not, then I'm hoping the restaurant doesn't run out of food as I bob around somewhere in the middle of the North Sea.

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