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St Andrews students protest careers talk

St Andrews P&Pers have protested at an RBS careers talk, highlighting the link between RBS and fossil fuels. The protest comes on the back of demonsrations across the country.

DONG-gone! - good news for the environment

Danish firm confirms withdrawal from controversial coal scheme

E.ON have shelved Kingsnorth plans

E.ON has shelved its plans for a new dirty coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth! Marking a huge campaign victory for all of us in the coalition, and beyond, news came through last night that the energy company is delaying a decision on Kingsnorth for three years!

Your sustained campaigning has undoubtedly had a big impact on this decision. It just goes to show that campaigning works.

The Anti-Coal Vigil*

The public consultation on Kingsnorth closes on Wednesday the 9th of September. Ed Miliband will be making a final decision on the future of coal power in the UK.

To remind Ed how we all feel about unabated coal power we are planning an evening vigil outside Ed's Department of Energy and Climate Change.

At 4.30pm on Monday 14th September, we'll be gathering outside the DECC building in London. The demonstration will feature supporters from across the coalition, representing the wide range of public opposition to climate-wrecking dirty coal power.

First Mili-band of the summer - Saturday 4th July

Stop Climate Chaos members Oxfam, WDM, RSPB, People & Planet, NUS, Christian Aid & the WI got together on 4 July to put on the first Mili-band of the summer, at the Kingsnorth summer fête.
A Mili-band

Approx 1,000 people gathered in Kent to send a dramatic message to Ed Miliband.
Making a Mili-band!

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