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Miliband coal consultation - Greenpeace response

Commenting on the launch today of a new government consultation on the future of coal in Britain, Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said:

Come to the fête that could save the climate

We've made some progress on the coal campaign lately, with Climate and Energy Minister Ed Miliband finally ruling out any new coal-fired power stations that don't capture a proportion of the carbon they emit. But that's not nearly enough to save the climate.

The next few months will be crucial in persuading Ed to go all the way before the government announces a decision on new coal fired power plants. We need your help to show Ed and the government that opposition to new dirty coal is growing across the country.

A trillion tonnes of carbon

We're already burnt half of our 1 trillion tonnes of carbon...

One day, if we get it right, and we're lucky, humans will be able to look back and talk about 'the carbon age'. Starting with the industrial revolution, and ending at the end of this century, well be able to count the total amount of carbon we released during the carbon age.

Must-watch video: Joss analyses government carbon capture and storage plans

Ed Miliband's announcement that no new coal-fired power stations will be built in the UK without carbon capture and storage technology included changed the coal playing field. Does this mean the campaign against new coal is over? Or is the devil in the detail?

Reaction to DECC coal announcement

In reaction to the Government’s announcement regarding fitting Carbon Capture technology to coal-fired power stations, Ashok Sinha, Director of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition said:

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