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WDM welcomes end of unabated coal but fears CCS technology is "a giant gamble with the climate"

The World Development Movement welcomed Ed Miliband’s announcement that there is no place for unabated coal in our energy future at a time of climate crisis. However, the campaign group warned that the proposal leaves a giant loop hole that could still lead to disastrous levels of emissions before 2025. The proposed new plant at Kingsnorth in Kent could alone emit as much as the whole of Ghana each year.

“I’m delighted that the Minister has finally recognised there is no place for unabated coal at this time of climate crisis.” said Benedict Southworth, WDM’s Director.

At last a glimmer of leadership on climate

Ed Miliband MP

It's certainly far from everything we've been asking for, but when Ed Miliband announced his new consultation on coal policy in the House of Commons this lunchtime it was clear that something had changed. For starters, E.ON isn’t to get their way over Kingsnorth, at least not with their current plan.

Showing admirable signs of climate leadership in the face of resistance from Whitehall officials and his cabinet colleagues, the Energy and Climate Change secretary told MPs that no new coal-fired power stations would be built in Britain unless equipped with at least some carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

Greenpeace hails 'signs of climate leadership' at last

Following today's announcement by Ed Miliband of new regulations for coal plants and the launch of a consultation on coal policy, Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said:

"At last Ed Miliband is demonstrating welcome signs of climate leadership in the face of resistance from Whitehall officials and cabinet colleagues. He is the first minister in twelve years to throw down the gauntlet to the energy companies and demand they start taking climate change seriously."

Coal and Kingsnorth: the story so far

A timeline detailing the sequence of events following E.ON's proposals for a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent.

Miliband signals end of unabated coal

Miliband announces proposals for carbon capture and storage but Friends of the Earth say an emissions standard is needed to ensure fossil fuelled power stations capture all their emissions.

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