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Campaigners welcome energy efficiency in Scotland's Climate Change Bill

Scottish campaigners representing over 1.5 million people across Scotland have welcomed amendments to deliver greater energy efficiency which have been approved by the Scottish Parliament committee scrutinising the Climate Change Bill today.

Amongst the amendments approved, were several put forward by Sarah Boyack MSP which will allow householders to receive discounts of up to £250 on their Council Tax bill if they install insulation or small-scale renewables. This measure was approved by MSPs on the committee by five votes in favour to three against.

WI launch their climate change campaign

Stop Climate Chaos member, the Women's Institute, launched their Women and Climate Change campaign today (11 May) with a Question Time style debate. The event was very successful and the campaign looks great, have a look on their website.

Tearfund pre-Budget climate call

21 April 2009
Tearfund is calling on the government to announce greenhouse gas emission cuts in tomorrow’s Budget that will kick-start the economy, save the planet and protect poor communities.
In practice this means a science-based target of 42 per cent cuts by 2020 based on 1990 levels, with the vast majority of cuts being made within the UK and not offset in developing countries.
This target would incentivise early climate action in the UK and put the country at the forefront of new green industries.

Budget must focus on green energy

Friends of the Earth says electric cars are not enough to tackle climate change - the Government must prioritise green energy and energy efficiency in this month's Budget

Low carbon summit doesn't add up

Offshore wind

Investing in offshore wind, energy efficiency and renewable electricity links could make us a packet and slash carbon emissions. But the government aren't showing enough ambition

This morning, 'slightly shady' business secretary Peter Mandelson and 'could do better' PM Gordon Brown hosted a low carbon summit to unveil their plans for greening the UK manufacturing sector.

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