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Greener working is the future - RSPB Cymru's response to the consultation on a Green Jobs strategy for Wales

RSPB Cymru has welcomed the Assembly Government's consultation paper on its Green Jobs strategy for Wales. The paper aims to achieve greater efficiency of the country's use of scarce global resources; carbon reduction; and reduced environmental impact.

Tearfund Carbon Fast

Fast > verb: abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.
Carbon Fast > noun: fast and pray with Tearfund to cut your carbon use and help protect poor people from climate change.
We’re on a mission this Lent not only to add Carbon Fast to your vocabulary but to get you putting these two little words into practice as well.
Each day from Wednesday 25 February until Saturday 11 April, we have daily actions to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Mill Hill School Win National Sustainability Award

The P&P supported Environment Committee have been praised for their Sustainability Fortnights and awareness-raising around the school.

RTPI and RSPB NI call for submissions to Sustainable Planning Awards 2009

Are you the proud owner of a home, workplace or other building that has considered wildlife, sustainable transport or green energy issues during its planning, development and construction? Did you consult with local communities and take into account rural and local needs during the development of your building? If so, then the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute)NI Branch and RSPB NI want to hear from you.

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