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Speak Out for Climate Justice

Bearing Witness event, 1st October

Thanks to all those who came to Manchester on Saturday 1st October - the hottest October day on record - to speak out for climate justice ahead of the Conservative Party Conference.

The Scottish Climate Change Act and how SCCS helped influence it

The Scottish Climate Change Act was passed in 2009 and remains the strongest climate change legislation anywhere in the world.

Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions are a small percentage of global emissions, so we cannot tackle this problem alone. In order to encourage other rich countries to commit to similarly ambitious climate laws, we have produced a short film about the Scottish Act which explains our role in influencing it.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is the largest and most powerful civil society coalition in Scotland, made up of organisations ranging from community and faith groups, environment and development organisations and students and trade unions. Part of our success has come from working together across such a diverse range of organisations under the common goal: to stop climate chaos.

We are keen to encourage and support other civil society groups in other countries to work together to create momentum for urgent action on climate change. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information at info[at]

Watch our short video to find out more: SCCS Climate Change Act film

The African Climate Connection is coming…

Canterbury Big Climate Reconnection Bike ride

26 November - 3 December

During the first week of the UN Climate talks in Durban, South Africa at the end of November, grassroots groups will connect with each other and with the climate talks at African-themed events around the UK.

This will be a great chance to build local connections and show MPs the strength of local concern about climate change.

Cancun climate talks: A small step forward

Dai the SCC Cymru dragon on his way to Cancun

The UN Climate Talks in Cancun are now over and finally we have some good news. Of course your interpretation of good news depends on where you’re coming from, and coming from last year’s failed negotiations in Copenhagen, any step forward is a relief.

Mixed progress sets the stage for major progress in South Africa

11th December 2010

As the UN climate conference in Cancun finishes, the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition urged Governments to build on the progress made and aim for a major global deal at next year’s summit in Durban, South Africa.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said: “Some good progress has been made on a Green Climate Fund, protecting forests and reporting systems, but there has been little movement on critical issues like setting targets under the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol.

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