Stop Climate Chaos

Global Deal

World Governments Urged to do More to End the Recession

At the end of March, ahead of the London G20 Summit, the Put People First alliance – made up of over 160 unions, development agencies, faith and environmental groups – brought 35,000 people onto the streets of London, where they marched for action on jobs and climate change, and justice for the world’s poor.

After the Summit, Put People First welcomed positive moves made in London, such as a commitment to better regulation of the global financial system and a promise to crack down on tax havens, but said that much more still needed to be done.

Join the Climate Emergency Parliament

Have your say on the UK Government’s measures on climate change on Campaign Against Climate Change’s Climate Emergency Parliament.

The Climate Emergency Parliament is all about taking the emergency measures on climate change that the government is failing to... in particular a package of radical commitments at the national level that will send a strong positive message to the international community meeting at the Copenhagen Talks at the end of the year.

Europe's finance stalemate threatens global climate deal

European ministers are failing to agree a finance plan to tackle climate change, threatening the global deal in Copenhagen.

Carteret Islands sunk by climate change

For most people in the UK, climate change feels like something that will happen at some undefined point in the future - to our children and grandchildren's generation. For the people of the Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea, it's a bit more serious than "one of those summers". As the sea level rises, their drinking water and crops have been poisoned by salt. The 1000 Islanders are packing up and their home abandoned to the waves.

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