Stop Climate Chaos

Global Deal

Put People First march for jobs, justice and climate

* This article has been updated since the march, to read how the event went, see here.

We can and must tackle climate change and the economic downturn together.

On 2 April, 20 world leaders (the G20) meet in London to talk about the global financial crisis.

However even before the recent banking collapse, the world was already suffering poverty, inequality and the threat of climate chaos.

Send your message to the G20

Our future depends on creating an economy based on the fair distribution of wealth, decent jobs for all and a low carbon world. Sign this petition to get your message to the G20, and add the petition to your Facebook page.

African leaders ask Brown to put people first at the G20 Summit

The buzz around the G20 has well and truly begun. Well kind of. Unfortunately, it's not yet getting quite as much press coverage as the football results. But here in our office, people are talking about our hopes for the upcoming summit.

Act fair and fast for a global deal (our policy)

The UN Climate Change negotiations in Copenhagen held in December 2009 failed to deliver an international plan of action to prevent runaway climate change. However we must continue to pursue a binding global deal that delivers the scale and speed of emissions cuts that are required to keep average global temperature rises as far below 2 degrees as possible, and in the longer term stabilise global temperatures well below this level. Such a deal must be fair and equitable, and must protect the world’s ecosystems.

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