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Sleepwalking away from world news

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At Oxfam, we understand that some people love watching John Sergeant not be able to dance. We also understand that TV stations need, to an extent, to chase ratings and entice viewers to watch their shows. However, we're worried that coverage of the world outside of Britain is dwindling.

Obama takes first steps on climate

Barack Obama's pledge today to establish a new energy economy aimed at tackling climate change and creating new jobs "by choosing a future safer for our country, prosperous for our planet, and sustainable" has been welcomed by Friends of the Earth.

Flights from Heathrow's third runway will emit same greenhouse gas emissions as Kenya

Heathrow decision: 'Government is all mouth and no trousers on climate change' say World Development Movement.

Flights from the new third runway at Heathrow will produce the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as Kenya every year according to figures from the World Development Movement.

Benedict Southworth, director of the World Development Movement said:

Britain's day of climate shame

This morning, (10 Jan) the average person in Britain will have already produced more carbon in 2009 than a person from the poorest countries emits in a whole year warns the World Development Movement [1].

Benedict Southworth, director of the World Development Movement said:

"It is shocking that by today the average Briton will have already produced more carbon this year than someone in a poor country will in the whole of 2009. The world’s poorest people contribute little to climate change but will suffer most from its consequences."

Question: How do you make the world a better place?

School children in Kenya raising their hands to ask questions. Cerdit: Geoff Sayer/Oxfam

Imagine that you've got the undivided attention of big business, big leaders and big thinkers. Imagine that they're sat on your sofa listening intently to what's on your mind. What would you ask them?

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