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EU climate deal: 'We're still way, way off the mark'

This blog by Greenpeace UK exective director John Sauven first appeared on the Guardian's Comment Is Free.

As the science of climate change gets increasingly urgent, the will of Europe's political leaders to act on the climate crisis seems to be weakening by the day.

National Climate March 2008

Yes to renewables!

On Saturday 6th December the National Climate March went from Speaker's Corner (Hyde Park) to Parliament Square in London.

As part of the Global Day of Action there were National Climate Marches across over 70 countries this year. The date was chosen as it is the midway point of a fortnight of climate talks in Poznan.

The march in London had four major themes:

  1. NO to a 3rd runway at Heathrow and further aviation expansion.
  2. NO new coal - no new coal power stations like Kingsnorth.
  3. NO to the expansion of agrofuels - with negative impacts on forests, the climate and world food supply.
  4. YES to a renewable energy revolution and the creation of green jobs.

Europe fails to show climate leadership

The European Union's failure to agree on effective measures to tackle climate change has been slammed by Friends of the Earth.

While the EU fumbles, ice sculptures call for climate action

We're into the all-important last three days of United Nations climate talks.

It's at this point that government ministers - the people with the power to make decisions about whether their country signs on to a global agreement to tackle climate change - have started to arrive in Poland.

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