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Green Economy

Build a clean, green economy

Climate change, energy security, local quality of life, environmental protection – they all point to a future built around an efficient economy powered by renewable energy.

But we can’t make that future happen until finance starts flowing at speed and scale into energy efficiency and clean technologies. For example, the Existing Homes Alliance estimate energy efficiency improvements in homes will need investment in the range of £200-400 billion if all homes are to cut emissions by 80%. This could support over 170,000 jobs by 2020.

Green is Working!

It’s time David Cameron started taking our Green Economy seriously

SCC Green is Working tube advert

We know that the UK's Green Economy is working. Last year, while the UK's economy struggled, our green economy flourished. In fact, 1/3 of the UK's economic growth came from green business.

This is good news: With climate change impacts already being felt around the world by wildlife and the world’s poorest communities, we need to do all we can to fight it.

People power has helped tip the balance on new carbon targets!

The government has now accepted the advice of the independent Committee on Climate Change and agreed to strong climate change targets for the UK.

Last week the government was split on whether to accept this advice, but pressure from people like you, as well as an outcry from Stop Climate Chaos organisations and other groups like Green Alliance and 38 Degrees, pushed David Cameron to step in and do the right thing.

Carbon trading 'the next sub-prime' - new research

Plans to expand carbon markets at UN climate talks this December could trigger a second â sub-prime' style financial collapse and fail to protect the world from global warming catastrophe, a new report from Friends of the Earth warns today.

Can new technologies help reduce the impact of climate change?

A day after climate change talks ended in deadlock in Bangkok one of the richest men in the world, George Soros pledged US$1 billion as an investment in clean energy technology. Will this make a difference in terms of reducing carbon emissions? Yes, probably…But a further question is: Will the clean energy technology be adopted [...]

Scotland's Climate Bill is approved by the Queen

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today made history by giving Royal Assent to The Scottish Climate Change Bill, the strongest piece of climate change legislation in the world.

The world-leading Act sets vital international precedents and an example for other wealthy nations to follow ahead of the UN’s climate change talks in Copenhagen in December, which will agree a replacement to the Kyoto Protocol.

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