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African leaders ask Brown to put people first at the G20 Summit

The buzz around the G20 has well and truly begun. Well kind of. Unfortunately, it's not yet getting quite as much press coverage as the football results. But here in our office, people are talking about our hopes for the upcoming summit.

Deliver on our promises, and protect the poorest (our policy)

The disappointment of Copenhagen showed that words and exhortations are not enough to make a fair, ambitious and binding global deal happen.

Developed countries like the UK need to live up to their promises and obligations, both by transforming their economies at home, and providing support to the developing world. In doing so, they can help to create a safer, fairer and more secure world for all of us; and ensure that millions of people already living in poverty are not further damaged and disadvantaged by the impacts of climate change.

CAFOD: Climate change is an issue of justice

CAFOD's climate change campaign launched on March 12th. The campaign focuses on climate justice, calling for a fair deal at the UN talks in Copenhagen this December, which puts poor people at its heart, tackling the causes of climate change, as well as supporting those already experiencing its effects.

There are events across England and Wales to mark the campaign launch and you can find more information here on CAFOD's website.

RSPB says we must make space for nature as climate change grips Northern Ireland

The RSPB has today warned the Assembly that unless urgent action is taken to help Northern Ireland's wildlife adapt to a changing climate, many of our natural treasures could be lost forever.

The Age of Stupid

Climate change film The Age of Stupid was released at ‘People’s Premieres’ in 80 cinemas around the country with a gaggle of stars in Leicester Square.

Now it's the all important opening weekend (20th - 22nd) at a cinema near you.

The film stars Pete Postlethwaite as an archivist in 2055, living in a world ravaged by the effects of climate change. He watches footage from 2008 wondering, ‘Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?’

We organised the speakers for all the premiere screenings of the film around the country, and are working with the Age of Stupid team on their Not Stupid campaign.

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