Stop Climate Chaos


WI produce climate change film called A World Without Jam

Coalition member, the Women's Institute have produced a two part film on climate change called A World Without Jam.

We love it, please go and check it out!

BBC makes series of climate chaos films

The BBC have made a series of films as part of their climate chaos season on BBC Four. You can watch them on the BBC site. Climate change is one of their hot topics.

'Make the link' with Practical Action

Practical Action are trying to encourage world leaders to make the link between climate change and poverty. They have an action on their site enabling you to contact Gordon Brown to persuade him to review the policy around emissions and resourcing for adaptation.

From Credit Crunch to Climate Crunch

London People & Planet and Platform activists paid a visit to one of RBS's recruitment fairs today, with jobless bankers and homeless polar bears highlighting the risks of a future climate crunch if RBS continues irresponsible lending to fossil fuels.

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