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More than 100 MPs sign climate change EDM

More than 100 MPs have so far signed an early day motion calling on the UK government to urge the EU to take a stronger stand in tackling climate change.

With less than a month to go to the crucial UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, the motion says industrialised countries bear the greatest responsibility for global warming.

It calls on EU governments to commit to 40 per cent cuts in carbon emissions by 2020. The present target is 20 per cent, rising to 30 per cent if a global deal is reached at Copenhagen.

Tell the Government to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% next year

Parliament are deciding whether they should join the 10:10 campaign which would commit them to reducing their emissions by 10% by the end of 2010. Tell your MP to vote to join the campaign.

Bangkok UN climate meeting ends

Rich countries are holding our world's future to ransom by failing to acknowledge they need to cut their own emissions first and fastest, Friends of the Earth said today.

Coalition welcome Miliband renewable announcement

The Government today launched its Low Carbon Transition Plan - a route map towards achieving a 34% reduction in UK greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. In response, Ashok Sinha, Director of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition said

Members of our coalition will welcome this announcement. Ed Miliband must be congratulated for at last offering a step-wise plan to tackling the UK’s carbon emissions.

Why the Scottish Climate Change Act is leading the way

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has put together a simple briefing which explains the areas where the Scottish Climate Change Act goes further than any other climate change laws in the world.

Download the Act briefing pdf.

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