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Conclusion of UN COP15 climate summit (press release)

Commenting on the conclusion of UN climate summit in Copenhagen today, the UK based coalition Stop Climate Chaos (SCC), which organised The Wave – the world’s largest demonstration for action on climate change in London, said:

The challenge at Copenhagen was to deliver a new, binding and fair programme of international action to keep global warming as far below the danger threshold of 2 degrees C. There has been a gross failure to achieve this and the fault lies squarely with the industrialised countries. They have not pledged sufficiently deep and rapid cuts in emissions, nor offered enough finance to assist developing countries. Given the threat that humanity and the world’s ecosystems face this is unforgiveable.

It defies comprehension that, confronted by the greatest danger that humanity has ever faced, our political leaders are trying to pass off a dismal, so-called political declaration, as progress. This deal will not prevent catastrophic climate change.

Millions across the globe mobilised to give our leaders a clear mandate to act decisively. Their collective response has been dire and utterly irresponsible. We will not rest until we have pressured our leaders to show the political courage and vision necessary, in the short time left, to pull us back from the brink of disaster.

The Wave floods into London in show of rising clamour for climate action in Copenhagen

UK government must do more than settle for targets that only have a 50/50 chance of saving lives.
The biggest ever climate change demonstration in UK history will take place tomorrow as tens of thousands of people flood into London to march in The Wave and call for the Government to take much more urgent and effective action.

Scottish Government fails first climate test

Serious concerns raised as emission target is missed

Tuesday 17th July 2012

The Scottish Government’s failure to meet the first target set by the Climate Change Act marks an extremely worrying start to the implementation of this legislation. Today’s announcement that Scotland emitted more greenhouse gases in 2010 than the previous year, means ambition has not been matched by action.

The figures for 2010 were released today and show that Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by nearly 2% from 2009.

SCC Campaigner's submission welcomed by Leveson Inquiry

David Golding

Dr David Golding CBE, a Stop Climate Chaos campaigner based in North East England has made a detailed submission to the Leveson Inquiry, part of which looks at climate scepticism in the media.

His submission has been welcomed by the Inquiry team and will be published as part of the Inquiry's evidence.

Watchdog issues warning on Scottish climate change action

Tuesday 31st January 2012

  • Recent emission reductions due to recession, not government measures
  • Emissions now rising, new government measures needed

An independent UK watchdog has today increased the pressure on the Scottish Government to amend the budget to ensure Scotland meets the targets set out in the Scottish Climate Change Act. [1]

EU announcement on climate finance

11th December

Commenting on the conclusion of the Council of European Heads of State today, the UK based coalition Stop Climate Chaos (SCC), which organised The Wave - the world’s largest ever demonstration for action on climate change in London last Saturday, said:

This sounds like a step forward by the EU - provided that the EU is not robbing desperately needed aid budgets to meet its moral obligations to help poor countries tackle climate change. However, although such short term financial sticking plasters are important, the EU is still failing to get on track to provide its full share of the $150 billion per year that will be needed by 2020 - at the very latest, to fully support developing countries.

Unless the money is put in place to help the most vulnerable, millions of people - entire communities - are at risk from threats to food production, agriculture and water supplies. Poor countries cannot cope with this on their own. The longer we delay the worse the impacts will be and the higher the eventual cost.

- Ashok Sinha, Director of Stop Climate Chaos Coalition

Richard Rides The Wave

Climate campaigner cycles from the Wirral to London to join historic march.

Richard Avery, 48, will this Friday attempt the most ambitious cycling challenge of his life – a 200 mile ride from his Greasby home to London in just 24 hours.

His destination is central London, where he will join tens of thousands fellow climate campaigners for a historic climate change march -The Wave- the following day (5 December).

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