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Generating energy from renewable sources will keep the lights on. The UK has access to the best wind and wave power in Europe*. Tapping into these resources makes economic sense. UK offshore wind and wave power could generate £3 billion and create 160,000 jobs. And it can put us in charge of our energy supply. The elements will not expire. Capturing their energy is becoming more cost competitive while global fuel costs are rising. Germany already generates 15 per cent of its energy from renewable sources, yet the UK is struggling to hit 4 per cent.

Green is Working!

It’s time David Cameron started taking our Green Economy seriously

SCC Green is Working tube advert

We know that the UK's Green Economy is working. Last year, while the UK's economy struggled, our green economy flourished. In fact, 1/3 of the UK's economic growth came from green business.

This is good news: With climate change impacts already being felt around the world by wildlife and the world’s poorest communities, we need to do all we can to fight it.

SCCS response to inquiry into renewable energy targets

29th February 2012

The Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Scottish Government's renewable energy targets.

You can read the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland submission to the inquiry online here here.

Briefing on Scotland’s 100% renewable electricity target

September 2011

In May 2011, the Scottish Government announced its target to generate the equivalent of 100% of Scotland's total electricity demand from renewable resources by 2020.

Small-scale green energy schemes could generate more electricity than two nuclear power stations

Small-scale renewable electricity schemes could generate more than twice the output of Sizewell B nuclear power station by 2020 if Ministers improve the proposed Clean Energy Cash-back scheme due to be launched in April 2010, Friends of the Earth says.

Miliband energy announcements - Greenpeace responce

Commenting on energy minister Ed Miliband's announcements on more nuclear power stations today, Ben Ayliffe, head of Greenpeace's nuclear campaign, said:

"Miliband can name as many sites as he likes for new nuclear power stations, but the fact remains that the figures simply don't add up.

"Even the Thatcher government realised this. It was exactly 20 years ago to the day that they pulled nuclear plants from the energy privatisation scheme when they realised that nuclear power was not an attractive investment for private companies. And it still isn't.

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