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World’s biggest solar tower plant will power 11,000 homes in Spain

Spain has the sunshine and now appears to have the will to use its potential to generate clean energy.

Rising out of the Andalusian countryside like a gigantic obelisk, a huge concrete solar tower is surrounded by fields of more than 1,000 mirrors that are carefully positioned to reflect sunlight in order to superheat water in the tower.

Energy Bill: Renewable energy proposals must be strengthened

A coalition of trade bodies, unions and charities is calling for Government plans to introduce a feed-in tariff into its Energy Bill to be significantly strengthened so that people are given real financial incentives to install green energy systems

Rainbow Warrior delivers Coalition's Board and declaration to E.ON

Our coalition board met on the Rainbow Warrior to sign this declaration,

4 million strong, we say no to dirty coal power stations, and yes to a clean green renewable energy future.

The declaration was signed on board ship by representatives from Greenpeace, Oxfam, the Women's Institute, Tearfund, RSPB, Friends of the Earth, WWF and Christian Aid. It was then delivered to E.ON at the site of their new coal power station in Kingsnorth.

EU renewable energy target: House of Lords calls for urgent action

Responding to today's House of Lords report on the European Union's renewable energy plans, Friends of the Earth urged ministers to get on with the job of harnessing Britain's huge potential for green power

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