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Responding positively to the climate change debate

Over the last few months, there has been an increasing amount of coverage in the media on climate change. From the illegal hacking of the University of East Anglia emails, to the rate of disappearance of Himalayan glaciers, this coverage threatens public understanding of, and therefore action on, climate change.

The Wave in Scotland

Thank you to the 8,000 people who took to the streets of Glasgow on Saturday 5th December to demand urgent action on climate change.

Ahead of the UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, the march was organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to call on our political leaders to secure an international deal that prevents runaway climate change.

Mike Robinson, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

I am delighted so many people braved the December weather to take a stand against climate change. Scotland has the strongest climate legislation in the world and the turn out today shows why – people care. Leaders meeting in Copenhagen over the next two weeks should be in no doubt, the eyes of the world are on them and we must see the western world in particular, setting the scale and immediacy of targets we know we need to prevent runaway climate change.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland response to COP15 Copenhagen talks

Speaking on the outcome of the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Mike Robinson, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

We needed commitments of money, ambitious targets and a legal framework to underpin it all. So far we have none of these. We have a vague promise of half the money that is required by 2020, inadequate targets which the UN has confirmed will add up to a minimum 3°C increase in global temperatures, and no legal framework. What’s worse, we don’t even have a timetable to sort it out. It’s hardly the leadership we had all been hoping for and we have a right to be disappointed.

About Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is a coalition of around 60 organisations in Scotland that are campaigning on climate change. Together we represent over two million people in Scotland.

We have close links with the Stop Climate Chaos coalition in London and work with them on cross-border issues whenever we can. But Scotland faces many challenges relating to climate change that are quite different from England and Wales.

Doha climate talks end: Scotland must show leadership

Press Release: Saturday 8 December 2012

A lack of collective leadership and ambition marked the end of UN climate change talks in Doha, said Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) today.

The coalition expressed frustration with world leaders for failing to take the steps needed to prevent dangerous climate change and provide hope for the millions of people around the world who suffer and will continue to suffer from climate-related impacts.

Responding to the conclusion of the talks in Doha, Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

Scotland urged to show leadership at Doha

Friday 30th November 2012

As he prepares to join the UK delegation at the COP18 climate talks in Doha next week, Scottish Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse MSP is being urged to reaffirm Scotland's commitment to demonstrating how developed countries can tackle climate change.

Procurement Reform Bill consultation response

“Scotland has set world leading targets in our Climate Change legislation and we have the opportunity to show similar leadership in sustainable procurement.”
Scottish Government's Sustainable Procurement Action Plan, 2009


This is the response to the Procurement Reform Bill Consultation from Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is concerned that the initial intention behind this Bill, to achieve more sustainable procurement, has been lost. Indeed, this change of focus is reflected in the renaming of the proposed Bill from Sustainable Procurement Bill to Procurement Reform Bill.

In summer 2012, the latest figures confirmed that Scottish emissions had increased and, indeed, the first legally-binding target set under the Scottish Climate Change Act had been missed. The proposed Bill could provide an opportunity to deliver significant emissions reductions in Scotland, contributing towards emissions targets.

Get your Act together!

From Climate Act to Climate Action

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 'Get your Act together!' mass lobby and Twitter storm of the Parliament on Thursday 25th October.

Click on the photo below to link through to a short video of the event:

Clicks through to Youtube

Government falls short of getting climate change promise back on track

Thursday 20th September 2012

The Scottish Government has failed to sufficiently use today’s draft Budget as an opportunity to turn things around and get Scotland back on track to meet future climate change targets, one of Scotland’s largest civil society coalitions has highlighted.

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