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MSPs put pressure on for strong Climate Bill

On 24 April Stop Climate Chaos Scotland welcomed the strong report from the Scottish Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee on the Scottish Climate Change Bill. The report recommends that the Bill needs tougher targets and broader scope. The Government will now have to respond to the Committee’s report in a debate expected next week.

Government hides carbon emissions with creative accounting

New government figures released today revealing that UK carbon emissions are significantly down are ‘spin, aided by creative accounting’ say the World Development Movement.

The government has announced that UK carbon emissions have fallen by 13 per cent since 1990. But this figure has been manipulated to include carbon credits, and discounts emissions from aviation. A proper analysis of the figures by the World Development Movement reveals that UK carbon emissions have fallen by just 5 per cent since 1990.

SCCS calls on parliament to deliver strong climate legislation

3 February 2009

Key members from across the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition will today (Tuesday 3 February) present their evidence on the Scottish Climate Change Bill to the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee (TICC).

2009 is a critical year for action on climate change with global deal negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

Why we campaign on coal and aviation

A plane flies over a power plant.

We need to cut emissions from coal power plants and from aviation

Cartoonish climate policy at Heathrow

Steve Bell's Heathrow cartoon

Will Heathrow be a vote winner? Probably not... © Steve Bell 2009

There was a storm of press coverage of Airplot and Heathrow last week and, in a good sign that the issue has entered the mainstream, the cartoonists fired up their pens to give their own take on airport expansion.

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