Stop Climate Chaos


The plot to stop airport expansion begins here


Greenpeace have bought a piece of land slap bang in the middle of the proposed third runway site at Heathrow.

Dinner at domestic departures

'Climate Rush' hit Heathrow Airport on the 12th January. A lovely picnic was enjoyed by all with much singing and merriment. It all started at 7pm in terminal 1, and effectively highlighted the unsustainability of short-haul domestic flights and the devastating impact of the proposed Heathrow expansion.

Campaigners delighted that the Bill's been increased

Protesters calling for world leaders to 'stop climate chaos'. Credit: Oxfam

We're rather belated in reporting this on our blog, but for the last week or so we've been meaning to write about two big climate change announcements.

On the back of the recent Cabinet re-shuffle, the UK Government three weeks ago created a new department - the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

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