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Another fantastic win! Aviation & shipping included in bill!

We are all celebrating the news that ministers have finally listened to our chorus of dissent on excluding aviation and shipping from the bill.

Ed Miliband has announced plans to include these emissions sources in the Climate Change Bill targets due to become law in November. During the debate he specifically thanked you (if you took action):

I end by paying tribute not to those in the House, but to those outside it: those who saw the dangers of climate change and the actions that needed to be taken long before the politicians did. I pay tribute to the scientists who detected the problem, the campaigners who fought to bring it to public attention, the green movement that mobilised for change, and above all, the members of the public who wrote to us in record numbers, asking for a Bill that met the scale of the challenge. I believe that we have met that challenge. We owe them a debt of gratitude for making it happen, and I urge all Members to support the Third Reading.

RTPI and RSPB NI call for submissions to Sustainable Planning Awards 2009

Are you the proud owner of a home, workplace or other building that has considered wildlife, sustainable transport or green energy issues during its planning, development and construction? Did you consult with local communities and take into account rural and local needs during the development of your building? If so, then the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute)NI Branch and RSPB NI want to hear from you.

Final nail in the coffin for Heathrow expansion and Kingsnorth

Today’s, report from the influential committee on climate change has recommended that the UK cuts greenhouse gases emissions by at least 80 percent and that this target should include emissions from aviation and shipping. The World Development Movement welcomes this news as a potential ‘reprieve’ for the poorest people in the world.

Benedict Southworth, director of the World Development Movement said:
“These recommendations will potentially be a reprieve for the world’s poorest people, whose lives and livelihoods are threatened the most by dangerous climate change.

Weekly 'good living' guide: transport

A boy enjoying his bicycle in Koolaiyar, India. Credit: Rajendra Shaw / Oxfam

It's Friday, and it's another (belated) installment of our Good Living Guide. Where do the days disappear to?

This week we're taking a look at transport in our day-to-day lives, and exploring a few alternative options for getting around.

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