Stop Climate Chaos


Become a climate activist on Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day, although over on the international
dateline in the Pacific it's already Wednesday 22 April so we're launching our
new video now. It's called Inspiring Action and hopefully that's just what it
will do - we want to turn 3 million people into climate activists, starting
with you.

Video: Climate Chance Day of Action marchers target E.oN HQ

Here's a powerful video just in from last week's Climate Change Day of Action march against the E.oN headquarters in Coventry.

G20 Voice - calling bloggers from around the world...

I often find myself shouting at the TV as the latest politician comes on to tow the party line. I read the newspaper and think to myself that they just don't get it; they're not saying what I want to hear.

Waste not....

When I'm in the supermarket I never really think, as I put the latest 3 for 2 offers into my basket, that my spur of the moment decisions have big implications for the planet. Rubbish, some people shout. And that's exactly the point, there's just too much waste.

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