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Clean coal (by the Coen brothers)

While EON and the UK government wax lyrical about 'clean coal' and Kingsnorth 'cleaner coal plant' the reality is that there is no such thing as clean coal.

Over in the US where activists have also been campaigning against the coal lobby, Joel and Ethan Coen (The Big Lebowski*, Raising Arizona, No Country for Old Men, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) have produced an ad for the website.

Enjoy! (*now I fancy a white russian)

2009, it's time to act

The UN climate change conference in Copenhagen this December is, "the most important meeting mankind has ever had." That's the simple and striking message from our campaigns director, Thomas Schultz-Jagow, in the video message above.

Big names call for big international climate deal

David Attenborough, Scarlett Johansson, Angelique Kidjo, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

While the EU fumbles, ice sculptures call for climate action

We're into the all-important last three days of United Nations climate talks.

It's at this point that government ministers - the people with the power to make decisions about whether their country signs on to a global agreement to tackle climate change - have started to arrive in Poland.

In video: a week of climate campaigning in Poland

Oxfam's Climate Monster joins protestors for the Global Day of Action to tackle climate change. Credit: Oxfam International

We're halfway through crucial climate change negotiations in Poznan, Poland, and at this point we thought we'd pause and take a moment to look at what's happened in the last seven days.

Let's recap.

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