Stop Climate Chaos


Video: climate change hits the world's poor first and worst

Oxfam have produced this rather splendid video, Face The Music, to illustrate how the people least able to cope with this warming world of ours (and will suffer more as a result) are also the ones who've contributed the least in terms of emissions. Worth watching for the music alone, which will hopefully reach the ears of those currently engaged in the Poznan talks.

Desmond Tutu on climate change for WDM

WDM have produced this great new video with Desmond Tutu talking about Climate Justice. Either watch it below, or view it on YouTube.

WI produce climate change film called A World Without Jam

Coalition member, the Women's Institute have produced a two part film on climate change called A World Without Jam.

We love it, please go and check it out!

Weekly 'good living' guide: transport

A boy enjoying his bicycle in Koolaiyar, India. Credit: Rajendra Shaw / Oxfam

It's Friday, and it's another (belated) installment of our Good Living Guide. Where do the days disappear to?

This week we're taking a look at transport in our day-to-day lives, and exploring a few alternative options for getting around.

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