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50,000 of you joined The Wave and Gordon heard us

The Wave
More than 50,000 people came together to demand action on climate change on Saturday 5th Dec at The Wave, the biggest climate change march in the world ever! We called for the Government to take much more urgent and effective action on climate change.
The tide is rising
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Not only did Ed Miliband (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) hear us, but Gordon Brown invited 24 Wave supporters to 10 Downing Street after the event to hear their demands.
People from all over the country dressed in blue encircled Parliament, calling on the UK government to settle for nothing less than a climate deal in Copenhagen that avoids dangerous climate change and protects the world’s poorest who are already feeling its effects.
Front of the march
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Director of Stop Climate Chaos, Ashok Sinha said:

This is a turning point. Today, more than 50,000 ordinary people of all backgrounds have united in a powerful call to our Government to stop gambling with the Earth’s climate. Their inspirational display of belief in the better future that a low carbon economy will bring is a powerful signal to Gordon Brown and other world leaders to pull their fingers out. Our leaders must agree a fair deal at Copenhagen that keeps global warming well under 2 degrees C.

The Wave has shown today that mainstream groups at the heart of our society are watching our politicians closely and will hold them to account for the safety of humankind and Earth’s ecosystems.

I have been really impressed by the number of parents who came and marched today with their kids, those people who left home several days ago to come by bike, and the many people who got up at the crack of dawn to be here and won’t be home till the early hours.

The tide is rising
Image © Jess Hurd 2009/
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Video © Ryan Lee Bhaskaran

Also please have a look at some of the stories our members have been posting about the day.

The Wave was widely covered in the media, here are some of the stories:

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