Stop Climate Chaos

Why is 2 degrees C so important?

We need to tackle emissions at a scale and speed that will keep average global temperature rises as far below 2 degrees as possible, and in the longer-term, stabilise global temperatures well below this level. Any more than a 1.5 degree rise threatens the viability and existence of many countries, particularly those that bear the least responsibility for causing the problem.

Droughts, floods and hurricanes are already hitting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities hardest.

But with a rise of 2 degrees C or more, southern Europe will suffer serious drought every decade; billions of people will not have enough water; 550 million will go hungry; 3 million will die from malnutrition.

In the UK coastal flooding will impact up to 170 million people. And many plant, bird and butterfly species will be consigned to the history books. Instead we can make climate chaos just a bad dream.

We have the power to prevent the worst, but we must act fast to curb the changes already in motion.

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